by Mark Meadows

President Joe Biden entered the Oval Office and immediately began dismantling America’s border protection policies — policies that were built under President Donald Trump. Wall construction ceased. Deportations paused. Laws on migrants crossing the border immediately loosened or fell by the wayside.

The ensuing results of the Biden immigration upheaval have been predictably catastrophic. Resources dwindled, chaos erupted, and law enforcement became overwhelmed — left with a new infrastructure not designed to enforce the law. Border crossings suddenly skyrocketed to levels not seen in over 20 years. Every Biden border month has been worse than the last, growing from 101,000 encounters in February to 213,000 in July. Each month offers a shocking, exponential increase from the previous year. In just six months, Biden’s border has already seen far over 1 million encounters. These are just the individuals caught.

Each and every available statistic decimates the notion that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are making progress at the border. Take the month of June, for example, which offers a devastating window into the fallout. In June 2021, total apprehensions reached nearly 200,000, a stunning 500% rate year to year from 2020 and including almost 60,000 family units. Fifteen thousand unaccompanied minors were taken in at the border this month, a skyrocketing 800% from last year and up 8% from even just one month ago.

Make no mistake; this is a crisis that is worsening — not improving. But the events of the last six months, while a crisis, are not an accident. The monthslong upheaval at the border is a direct, straight-line result of specific policy choices made by Biden.

When Biden put a 100-day moratorium on deportations, he created a clear incentive for migrants to flood the border as fast as they could. Migrants took advantage, and February border crossings immediately tripled the rate of 2020. This happened while Biden’s own team couldn’t decide what message to convey. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told migrants, “We’re not saying, ‘Don’t come,’ we are saying don’t come now.'” Harris took 76 days in between not visiting the border to tell migrants in Brazil “do not come” to America. By that point, her message was rendered effectively meaningless.

Biden also eliminated the successful Trump “remain in Mexico” policy, which required migrants apprehended at the border to remain in the country of origin while their case was processed. Trump’s policies had the successful effect of cutting down on de facto amnesty for border crossers who secured a release into the U.S. and then neglected a later court date. No such prevention now exists. Biden’s Customs and Border Protection is instead directing tens of thousands of migrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities, where only 13% have bothered to show up. Biden replaced enforcement with loopholes.

Perhaps worst of all, the president is allowing countless numbers of migrants to stay under the false guise of humane treatment. He relaxed laws on unaccompanied minors, most notably exempting them from a public health rule: Title 42 rapid repatriation. The implementation of this rule is designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through migrant facilities. Exempting minors created a gaping hole for illegal crossers, drug traffickers, coyotes, and more to take advantage of young children, carrying them to the border and using them to gain access to a failing system.

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei stated it plainly in June: It was Biden’s policies that triggered this crisis. “They [Biden] said that they were going to support family reunification,” he said. “So, the coyotes came and took the children and teenagers to the United States. … And the border filled up. Not only with people from Guatemala, but lots of people.”

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Giammattei is right.

Biden and Harris have dismantled our southern border with a speed and precision that can only be purposeful, and it’s far past time for all freedom-loving people to recognize such. This has been an intentional, deliberate remaking of the country’s immigration system that is making America less safe by the day. And it will only get worse until our government radically changes course or the voters do it for them.

One thought on “Biden’s border takedown”
  1. President Trump had the border on the way to being secured. Illegal immigration was at it’s lowest level in decades. Illegals were not being let loose to become lost in our interior. But in a few short hours after Biden became President all that changed. Now we have a border out of control and everything goes at the border and in some cases moving into the rest of the United States. Human trafficking, drugs, Covid and other diseases, smuggling, terrorists and the cartels are all coming across the border. But still the Biden administration have dug a hole in the sand and put their head in it. Pelosi and Schumer want to push through a immigration bill along with the 3.5 trillion give away bill. But that is just so they can say we tried but the Republicans blocked it. But remember back in 2017, Trump said he would sign the dreamer act to allow them to gain citizenship if the Democrats would give him 4 things. Build the wall, end chain migration, eliminate the diversity visa program, and limit family-sponsored immigration to spouses and minor children of citizens and green card holders.
    But the Democrats at that time didn’t want to give President Trump any win. So they blocked it. Now they are using the illegals to push through their deal. Why the Hispanic’s support the Dem party is beyond me. The Democrats just use them and the blacks as pawns to further their own agenda.

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