By Scott D. Jones

Several media outlets reported Friday that the Biden administration, as part of its attempts to control the rising number of COVID-19 infections, has discussed requiring Americans to obtain a vaccine passport for interstate travel., referencing a report from The Associated Press, stated that the Biden administration is weighing possible penalties for Americans who don’t get vaccinated and ways to make their lives ”more uncomfortable.”

The report from continued: ”One alleged strategy President Biden’s administration considered was requiring Americans to get a vaccine passport for interstate travel.”

Conservative lawmakers responded swiftly and loudly to even the mention of such an idea.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, said: “While Biden is considering mandating vaccines for interstate travel, he is allowing a record number of illegal migrants to cross our southern border — many of whom test positive for COVID. This double standard is dangerous & must be stopped.”

”Biden’s plan: Limits of interstate travel for Americans, open borders for illegal immigrants,” said Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.

Conservative editor Jonah Goldberg was a little more direct, saying that ”requiring proof of vaccination for interstate travel strikes me as one of the dumbest, most unworkable and counter-productive ideas out there.”

As the administration grapples with growing numbers of COVID-19 infections, the AP story confirms that ”more severe measures — such as mandating vaccines for interstate travel … have been discussed.” The report adds the Biden administration is concerned that these actions ”would be too polarizing at this time.” As a result, a White House official said that mandating vaccines for interstate travel is ”not under consideration at the moment.”

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The clarification from the White House did not convince conservative podcast host Liz Wheeler, who said via her Twitter account: “Mandating the covid vaxx for interstate travel has ‘been discussed’?! Hell no. This is a called a test balloon, to prepare people for when the Biden admin drops this dictate. This is OUTRAGEOUS.”

One thought on “Report: Biden WH Discussed Interstate Vaccine Passport”
  1. Who would they get to enforce this dictate? What states would be willing to put people on the borders to enforce it? What would happen if truck drivers said F-U and not transport goods to stores. Saying this is a test balloon to see how people react is telling.

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