Henry Ford revolutionized auto manufacturing in America and we have been dependent on fossil fuel and energy ever sense. We have used it for everything from fuel, electricity to producing plastics and everything in between.

More than a century later, it has been and is the fuel that made America strong. Now the Democratic party is pushing to rid America of our fossil fuels and replace it with renewable energy.

The thought that we can turn our country around and totally use renewable energy, ie; wind solar and hydro is fantasy. Do they have a part to play in our history? Of course. Will they replace fossil fuels? Not in the next ten or twenty years if ever.

President Biden has pushed forward with his policy of curbing fossil fuel production eliminating tens of thousands of jobs his first day in office.

He hasn’t ramped up more or better ways of replacing our energy needs he has just started cutting. This is a very short sided way to go about it. We have taken over a century to get to this point and we will need decades to make the transition to renewable energy.

We have already made a good start on it, but the technology still needs to advance to the point that we can confidently depend on it.

It will never totally replace our need for natural gas and oil. Our country is just do dependent on them. Besides we need oil and natural gas to produce the components that we need to make the solar panels and wind turbines. The machines that make electric cars and everything else that renewable energy needs to work.

And then there is the environmental side of the equation. Most of the material that they use to make the windmills and solar panel are not so easy to recycle. What about the batteries that they use in the cars and the huge ones that they need to store energy for cities and towns at night? They are not recyclable. At least not yet. Can they be broken down and reclaimed for the rare earth elements they use to build them? I’m not sure. I haven’t heard of anyone doing so.

To conclude, we need to transition into using renewable energy. We can’t destroy our economy by trying to rush into it.

Don Wood

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