The governor of Texas is planning to sue the Biden administration over its environmental policies.

During a press conference on Thursday, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) signed an executive order, which directed all state agencies to legally challenge any federal actions that threaten Texas’ energy sector.

This came a day after Joe Biden took executive action meant to address so-called climate change, which included a federal ban on fracking. Those measures have been criticized for threatening the livelihoods of thousands of American workers.

Abbott said Biden’s policies amount to a federal overreach.

“Each state agency should work to identify potential litigation, notice and comment opportunities, and any other means of preventing federal overreach within the law,” Abbott said. “And when they do that, that will arm Texas to be prepared to fight back.”

The governor added, Biden’s fracking order does not impact Texas as much as it hurts New Mexico. However, Abbott said legal action by the state is a preventative measure to combat the Democrat’s environmentalist policies in the future.

You have to ask yourself, does the Biden administration really think they are helping the American people? Or are they just pushing an agenda that will cripple our country.

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