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By Mike LaChance 

Just as millions of Americans are becoming more concerned about the open border due to the terrorism in Israel, a teacher and an illegal immigrant have been busted for what basically amounts to arms trafficking.

The illegal immigrant in this case had actually been deported but was able to sneak back into the country.

The Washington Times reports:

Feds bust illegal immigrant in gun-buying conspiracy

A high school teacher left his dog in a hot car for an hour and a half while he made illegal straw purchases of guns, which he turned over to an illegal immigrant who then spread them around, including two weapons that were later used in shootings.

Federal agents kept an eye on the whole scene, and moved in for the bust, arresting both the gun buyer and the illegal immigrant — though the dog perished, federal authorities said Tuesday as they announced multi-year sentences for the two culprits.

Prosecutors said DeAndre Cannon, the teacher and basketball coach, bought nearly four dozen guns in Georgia over four months in 2022, handing them off to Conroy Samuels, a Jamaican illegal immigrant who’d been deported but snuck back in, a convicted felon and undocumented alien who was living under the fake name of Justin Sheffield, and who also had a 2003 conviction for attempted murder on his rap sheet.

Department staff said the “crime spree” of Cannon and Samuels ended in mid-June 2022 after special agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives saw Cannon get money from Samuels and then enter and leave a pawn shop in Jonesboro, Ga.

Samuels then distributed the weapons, including the ones used in multiple shootings in Connecticut, authorities said.

Samuels had to rely on Cannon, 34, for the purchases because neither illegal immigrants nor felons are generally allowed to purchase or possess firearms.

Here’s more from the Department of Justice:

A previously deported undocumented alien with a violent criminal history, and a former school paraprofessional who fatally abandoned a dog in a hot car while straw purchasing firearms, have been sentenced to federal prison for their roles in trafficking guns later used in shootings.

“Firearms traffickers fuel gun violence in our communities placing citizens at risk of injury and death,” said U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan. “Our office is committed to partnering with our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners to pursue and prosecute criminals whose disregard for life contributes to the illegal flow of guns onto our streets.”

“Although we are very pleased with the success of this operation, unfortunately this operation highlights the persistence of illegal firearms trafficking and demonstrates that this type of crime is real, extant, and must be continuously battled,” said ATF Assistant Special Agent in Charge Alicia Jones. “ATF will continue to work alongside our federal, state and local partners in furtherance of reducing gun crime.”

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Who knew that the feds were still capable of making this type of arrest?

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