Opinion by Zachary Faria 

The brain rot of gender ideology has taken hold of many over the last several years, but growing numbers of people are now turning away from it and turning back toward reality.

poll from the Public Religion Research Institute found that people have shifted over the last two years from the absurd claim that there are more than two genders to the reality that there are only two. That such a shift is even necessary, or that still only 65% of people, according to the poll, are willing to say there are only two genders, is a failure in itself, but it is still an improvement from the 59% who said the same thing two years ago.

More notable, though, is which groups also shifted toward recognizing biological reality over the past couple of years. In 2021, 38% of Democrats agreed with the claim that there are only two genders. Now, Democrats are up to 44%. Independents rose from 60% to 66%. Millennials rose from 51% to 60%. Hispanics jumped from 56% to 66%, and black Americans rose from 65% to 70%.

The kicker comes from Generation Z, the generation who has been most consumed by the social contagion of transgenderism and who, we are told, will usher in a new era of dominant liberal politics (as Democrats say about every generation of young people). In 2021, 43% of Gen Z agreed that there are only two genders. Now, that number has jumped 14 points to 57%.

Turns out that many young, impressionable children abandon imaginary genders just as they abandon imaginary friends as they grow up. You can consider it a silver lining to this debate, as irreversible sex changes for “transgender” children are still ruining the lives of many in that same generation.

This serves as yet another reminder that conservatives and Republicans cannot and should not ignore the “culture wars.” The embrace of cultural battles by prominent GOP leaders over the last several years is partially responsible for these shifts, and that pushback is necessary. Liberals and transgender activists should not be able to redefine reality to serve their political goals, and biological reality can’t be allowed to go undefended.

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