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The gay and transgender activists who hounded Disney into weighing in on Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act have been shown to be a vocal minority in poll after poll. Now, Disney’s embrace of them is reflecting on the company.

Disney polls poorly after embracing unpopular gay and transgender activists
© Provided by Washington ExaminerDisney polls poorly after embracing unpopular gay and transgender activists

Leaked videos of Disney meetings revealed the company is looking to push sexual ideas in its films after the multibillion-dollar corporation decided to oppose Florida’s law that bans such ideas from being taught to children in the third grade and lower. The polling group Trafalgar partnered with the Convention of States Action to determine the popularity of that move, and it went as expected.

Over 68% of people are less likely to do business with Disney as a result of the company “focusing on creating content to expose young children to sexual ideas.” That number includes 48% among Democrats. Around 69% of people are likely “to support family-friendly alternatives to Disney,” including 58% of Democrats. Both questions pull a majority from every racial group, age group, and from both men and women.

This matches with everything we know about Florida’s law. Democrats in Florida support the language of the law, and the support crosses partisan lines nationally as well. It turns out that parents who don’t want teachers instructing their children about sexual orientation and gender transitions don’t want the multibillion-dollar mouse corporation doing it, either.

The bleating of gay and transgender activists doesn’t change the fact that the law is entirely reasonable and has support across every demographic group. Disney executives, worried about bad public relations with obnoxious activists and journalists who want to pick fights with Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, jumped into a political fight without doing any research. Disney embraced unpopular activists protesting against a popular law, and the result is exactly what everyone should have expected.

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Disney never had to join this dumb political dispute, but now it knows exactly where it stands. Whether people will actually put their money where their mouths are or not, it’s clear that Disney picked a losing issue. The company will gain nothing from this fight, or from sexualizing its own childrens’ content, but the knowledge that its voice is held hostage by a small group of loud activists.

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