By Don Wood

We see more and more division in America everyday. Socially, between men and women, between races, in our politics even in our religion and schools.
What has happened to our American cohesiveness as a nation? What’s happen to people working together to make America better?
It’s called socialism and communism. Nations like China and Russia, with their governments, are actively working to divide our people, political parties and states.

There is an abundance of evidence that these countries governments have bought and worked their ways into every aspect of our lives. From federal, local and state governments to our schools and even our religious institutions. It seems they will use any means necessary to disrupt these institutions like bribery, blackmail, stealing company, state, government and defense secrets.

They most likely are behind the influx of people across our southern borders. As these people are some of the poorest people in the world, they have to be getting the money from someone to pay the cartels to take them to and across the border. Depending on where they are from upwards of ten thousand dollars per person.

But to look at some other divides, lets look at the economic divide and the people that make the laws that, we the people, have to follow. The leaders in power make enough to send their kids to the best and private schools. But for the rest of us we have the public schools. Not only do the private schools provide them with better teachers, they also get to skirt the rules that their kids have to lock down during the pandemic.

The Government is now wanting to pass a 3.5 trillion bill to further socialize our country.

In this bill is all kinds of social programs like expand Medicaid, free child care free 2 year college and much more.

This is on top of the 1.2 Trillion infrastructure bill that is only putting 400 billion towards infrastructure. The rest is for the green new deal I suppose.

More and more states and businesses are now mandating the Covid-19 vaccine. This is causing people to decide if it’s worth losing their jobs over. A lot of people are opting to find work else where. People in the medical and health fields, nurses, doctors and such. First responders like police, firemen and emt personnel. The consequences are yet to be seen or felt. The military are also having issues with the vaccine mandate as are a lot of unions.

Of course there are those that are exempt. The White House administration is exempt as are the over 600,000 postal workers. Of course the hundreds of thousands of illegals coming across our southern border is not required to get the vaccine unless they ask for it. Before they are flown or bused across the United States to find new neighborhoods to stay in.

But any business with 100 or more employees is required to get everybody vaccinated. It’s been heard that if they fail to do it they could be charged 700K per person not vaccinated.

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The Biden administration has decided that the one size fits all approach to the pandemic, is to vaccinate all the other U.S citizens though. Regardless if they need it or want it. Of course this has proven to divide the people even more than before.

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