By Christopher Tremoglie

As the Biden administration pushes to mandate vaccines for every worker, vaccine ID cards will become an integral part of the rest of the pandemic, however long it lasts. Workers will need one to remain employed or allowed to work. Yet previously, Democrats argued asking for IDs was racist because many minorities were somehow unable to obtain a government-issued ID.

But all these hurdles seem to vanish miraculously when it comes to getting vaccination IDs.

Keep in mind, the notion that somehow people were not able to obtain a government-issued ID was always complete hogwash. Moreover, it was even more ridiculous to assume that it was much harder for people of color to get valid IDs. The only people who do not have IDs are those who choose not to get them, just as those who have not been vaccinated are those who have chosen not to be.

That said, even if this were a legitimate barrier, the methodology used to distribute vaccine IDs could be replicated for voter IDs. As with vaccines, there are already existing places where one can go to get a government-issued ID. Government officials organized people to go door-to-door to help register people for vaccines. No such initiative exists for IDs, but it could.

And the fact that it was done for vaccines shows that it could be done for voter IDs. The reason it hasn’t is because government officials choose not to do it.

Democrats tried to spin voter ID into a race issue because that’s what they do when they lack legitimate reasons for their positions and their decisions. They absurdly claimed that many black people lacked the funds or transportation to get an ID. Yet somehow, they had enough transportation and funds to get to a polling location, so … how exactly was that supposed to work?

Even more immediately, IDs are needed for literally every aspect of daily life, for the rich and the poor. They are required to apply for welfare benefits, to borrow money, and to buy or rent a home. Even where government ID is not necessary, other forms — utility bills or bank statements, for example — cannot be obtained without originally showing some form of government-issued photo ID. People need IDs for significant life events such as getting married or being hired at a new job. If they avoid electronic payment systems (which usually require ID to set up), then they still need an ID to cash checks.

Unless you’ve owned the same home for decades, hoarding cash in your mattress, never applying for any sort of license or government service, never being convicted of a crime (even prisoners are issued photo IDs), then your chances of avoiding getting a photo ID in your adult life are basically nil.

Democrats had to make this about race because they want to prevent election integrity from becoming an issue people think seriously about. Every legitimate vote should count. Voter ID helps weed out voter fraud, which does happen and cancels out legitimate votes.

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There are no barriers to getting voter IDs — there is only Democrats’ fearmongering. Democrats do not want voter ID laws, and we should all be asking why not.

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