By Nick Koutsobinas   

Senate Democrats plan to meet with Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough on Friday to see if they can include a pathway to citizenship provision for undocumented immigrants in the $3.5 trillion spending bill.

According to Politico, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be drafting the language on the immigration provision, but it is not likely the parliamentarian will rule in favor of it.

Democrats will need to convince the parliamentarian the proposal meets the Senate budget requirements for the provision to be included. If included, the provision would open up a pathway to citizenship for “DACA recipients, Temporary Protected Status holders, farmworkers, and other immigrants deemed essential workers in the pandemic.”

Democrats claim the legislation coincides with an Obama-era campaign promise regarding those in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. In July, a federal Texas judge ruled the DACA program was illegal, blocking any processing of new applications under the Biden administration.

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But Democrats believe Republican-led legislation from 2005 that included immigration changes during a budgetary process strengthens their argument to have such a provision this time.

One thought on “Dems to Argue Pathway to Citizenship Be Included in $3.5T Bill”
  1. In 2017 President Trump told congress that he would sign a Bill to let the dreamers have a pathway to citizenship if they would give him four things.
    1. Build a wall along the southern border.
    2. End chain migration.
    3. End to the diversity visa lottery system.
    4. Close “loopholes” in the immigration system.
    This was back in 2017! Today in 2021 we can plainly see that if they had acted on it then we would not have the shit show we have now at the southern border. The Democrats stopped it from going forward and Trump had to pretty much do what did get done by executive orders. He got Mexico to keep immigrants to remain in Mexico.. He Built about a quarter of the wall along the Mexican Border. He also got the South American Countries to curb their citizens from making the trek to the American border and crossing illegally. They still did it, but the numbers went way down. Now we have the border wide open again and not only are illegals crossing at greater numbers than we have ever seen. They are coming across with Covid-19 a highly infectious disease. One that President Biden is trying to make Americans take shots for and locking down Americans. How does this make sense in a sane world? It’s nothing more than the Dem’s playing politics with people’s lives.

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