By Joe Hoft

Colorado’s Secretary of State is connected to Soros and Hillary Clinton money so it’s no surprise she doesn’t want a legitimate audit performed in her state.

Yesterday, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold released a statement that claimed she would not allow outside auditors to come into Colorado and perform an election audit of the 2020 results in Colorado.

Maybe Griswold doesn’t want an audit in Colorado because then the citizens there would wake up and see their state’s election process is totally corrupt.  One very quick statistic tells us this.  In the 2020 Election, there were half a million more votes for Joe Biden than there were for Obama, Hillary, and President Trump.  Simply put, there is no way Biden had half a million more votes than Hillary.  No way.

Griswold might not like an audit in Colorado which is why she was caught deleting the state’s Dominion Voting Machine’s 2015 Proposal of work off the Internet before she certified her state’s election results.

Maybe Griswald doesn’t want a legitimate audit because she was handpicked by the Soros/Hillary connected iVote Democrat nonprofit?

Griswald was picked along with the corrupt Secretary of States in Arizona (Hobbs) and Michigan (Benson).  All three of these picks were promoted by iVote:

Griswold comes across like an angel but like Hobbs and Benson, they will do anything to steal an election.

iVote is no angelic choir either.  Yesterday it tweeted the most disgusting lie that – the GOP are fighting to keep the right to vote from Black and brown Americans across the country.

It’s time to hold the demons related to Soros, Hillary, and iVote accountable.  Let’s see how much they cherish voter rights.  Let’s perform forensic audits in their states.

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