Paul Bedard 

In a slap at President Joe Biden’s new effort to impose gun control and tax and regulate one of the nation’s most popular — and concealable — firearms, Americans overwhelmingly have endorsed expanding the Second Amendment to include carrying concealed weapons.

In a new Zogby Poll provided to Secrets today just minutes before the administration released its rule to target AR rifle-style pistols, likely voters by a 63%-29% margin endorsed the idea.

In his analysis, pollster Jonathan Zogby said that most voters “agreed that the Second Amendment to the Constitution should also encompass the right to carry a concealed gun. A majority of voters supported concealed carry as a part of the Second Amendment in all regions.”

The poll, one of a series he released through Secrets this week, is the first to find support for concealed carry law to be added to the Second Amendment.

And it comes as the U.S. Supreme Court is considering a New York ban on concealed carry and Biden is eyeing new gun controls including taxing and registering millions of legally purchased AR-rifle style pistols.

Concealed carry has become a hot button issue as some liberal states move to limit the issuance of permits, though a majority do. And in Washington, there are several efforts in the House and Senate to approve national “reciprocity” for permit-holders to travel between states with their concealed weapons.

The survey is likely to be seized upon by the authors of the legislation.

It also confirmed a trend seen in gun stores of many more Americans, including women, blacks and minorities, buying hand guns to protect themselves as crime increases.

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