Bring Temperature down between the parties. President for all Americans. How many jobs has been lost? Just how many lies does she tell in this interview?

Lester actually asks some tough question.

From Kamala’s responses she demonstrates she is not ready to be Vice President nor President for that matter. When asked about not going to the border she claims she hasn’t been to Europe either. What does that have to do with the border? Why even bring it up? In the earlier video she claims during the month leading up to the election she would shut down the immigration detention centers. Instead the Biden EO’s have not only increased immigration more kids than ever before are coming across by themselves. Young kids, 2 , 3 and up are brought over and just dumped on this side of the border. Most have been abused and raped. So when is Kamala going to go to the border? Who knows and frankly who cares. More than likely she would only make it worse.

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