Fox News contributor Leo Terrell blamed Democrats for a record surge in U.S. gun sales, Tuesday, telling “Fox & Friends” that the party’s lack of support for law enforcement has made Americans “afraid.”

LEO TERRELL: There is a vote of no confidence in Democratic leadership. Everyone in this country saw what happened last summer. Everyone is witnessing the rising crime in democratic cities. People are afraid. They cannot expect the Biden administration, Democratic leadership in Chicago, L.A., Washington, D.C. to protect them. And people, all Americans, are buying guns – blacks, browns, women – because they are afraid of the lack of support by the government regarding law enforcement. It’s very simple, a vote of no confidence.

I think the Democratic playbook is ‘take guns away.’ The Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, the Joe Biden — take guns away; how can you take America’s right to protect himself when you see all this crime? And Ainsley, here’s the biggest concern. There’s an expectation of riots this summer. People are looking at what’s going on every day in these Democratic cities. And the government wants to take your guns away. People are afraid. People want to protect their family. And when they can’t call 911, as you articulate, they have no other choice but to protect themselves. And I applaud them because government is abandoning its number one obligation to protect citizens.

One thought on “Record gun sales a ‘vote of no confidence in Democratic leadership’: Leo Terrell”
  1. I fear that the defund the police movement, started by the Democrats in their cities, is planned. I feel it’s a move to federalize the police force. Controlled by the bureaucracy in Washington D.C.

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