By Paul Steinhauser

A bill that would increase penalties for protestors blocking roads and obstructing emergency vehicles is on the way to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk.

And the two term GOP governor who’s running for re-election next year says he’ll sign the measure into law.

“I will sign soon,” Abbott tweeted this weekend. “Peaceful protest doesn’t include blocking roadways & preventing emergency vehicle access. That chaos won’t be tolerated in Texas.”

The governor sent his tweet soon after the Texas Senate voted 25-5 to pass the bill, which would toughen penalties and calls for jail time for protestors who purposefully block emergency vehicles from passing through a roadway, or obstruct a hospital entrance. 

The measure, which passed the Texas House a few weeks ago by a 90-55 vote, came in response to last year’s nationwide protests over police brutality that were sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minnesota by now-former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of murder.

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