As Joe Biden forces small businesses to compete against welfare checks for employees, Republican governors have begun pushing back. On Monday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced starting next month he will reject federal COVID-19 related unemployment benefits. This would guarantee Texans would no longer get an extra $300 each week through unemployment.

Abbott said businesses are desperate to re-open, but many are struggling to fill their open positions. Numerous small businesses in the red state have said the lack of applicants they have is simply unprecedented. Noting there are 60 percent of more jobs available in Texas today than in February of last year.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the number of job openings in Texas is almost identical to the number of Texans who are receiving unemployment benefits. On Monday, speakeasy bar owner Michael Girard rejoiced over Abbott’s decision, saying he expects this move to help businesses find more people willing to work.

Meanwhile on Monday, Gov. of Indiana Eric Holcomb announced he is also dropping federal COVID-19 benefits next month. Restaurant owner Angelo Jawabreh weighed in on the decision stating that never-ending government handouts are leaving him with almost no job applicants.

Texas and Indiana come in addition to 16 other states who are rejecting further COVID-19 handouts. Among these states are Republican-led Ohio. On Monday in Cleveland, restaurant owner John Lane said he is eager to fill at least 200 positions this week.

Critics say Joe Biden’s denial of the hardships his continuous unemployment benefits are causing small businesses shows he is growing further out of touch with problems important to working Americans.

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