A short video to make you think. When the CCP virus commonly known as the Covid-19 virus came known to the world. It was a new virus that we were told would kill millions. The fear factor was through the roof. We were told there was no known cure. There was no vaccine to stop it. Then there was a rush to find one. Hundreds of billions of dollars was spent to develop one. Experts were trotted out to tell us, we had to shut down and isolate from everyone. Only essential businesses would be allowed to open but with restrictions. A year has gone by and what we have learned is amazing. But no one seemed to be questioning the so called experts that told us to lock down. To wear masks and stay distanced. They also shot down other doctors that tried to offer other options. HCQ come to mind? With a very high survival rate somewhere around 99.4%. What was the big rush? What was the motive? Who was making the money? WHO was pushing their power and who was losing their freedoms?

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