By Don Wood

Read the headlines on any site and you’ll see a deliberate message. The powers behind this administration and going back to the Obama presidency, are dividing us intentionally. They are trying to keep us angry at each other while they gather more and more power to themselves while we are distracted.

At least 11 arrested during Black Lives Matter protest in ...

There are only a few groups that are perpetuating the violence’s we are seeing across our country. We know who some are but we would be surprised to know who is really pulling the levers to keep things stirred up.

Victim of Antifa riots on Kevin Peterson riots

These groups recruit others looking for a cause, or simple a reason to create mayhem and chaos. The reasons they gravitate towards these groups are varied. But take up their cause they do.

Atlanta shooting: How to help fight anti-Asian violence

They look for any reason to stir up mobs to rail against the local authority. Namely the police and courts that stand in their way. If you look back at all the major protests. They were started when a cop killed a criminal in the line of duty. Weather right or wrong they used it to start protesting, which quickly turned to vandalizing, looting and burning down neighbors. Many people have been injured and many killed as a result of these riots. Many cities have been in turmoil for months now because the city leaders have let this go on without letting the police put a end to it. At this point they would have to call in the National Guard to put a end to it.

With the current administration in the White House and both Houses held by Democrats I don’t see anything changing anytime soon. The riots are picking back up just months from Biden taking control. What they ( the Democrats) have condoned over the last 8 months, seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. But I think when the Democrats have had enough they will put these groups down hard. Even if it means stepping on State’s rights. Or infringing on We the People’s rights. Don’t believe me? All you have to do is look at the laws they are trying to push through the congress. Not one of these bills are inline with the Constitution.

The American people need to open their collective eyes and rise up to stop this takeover of our country. We need to push back and push back hard against this movement to destroy our history, our liberty, our education, and our families. If you sit on your ass and let it happen you deserve what you get.

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