Paul Bedard 

Voters are saying no to any plan by President Biden to ease citizenship requirements for illegal immigrants and are raising a red flag over the growing border crisis sparked by his open-border policies.

House responds to border crisis by passing a mass amnesty ...

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 73% of voters polled said they are concerned about the flood of migrants over the border and the government’s ability to meet COVID-19 protocols.

Biden has swept away former President Trump’s tight controls in less than two months. The jarring policy shift has led to the biggest surge of migrants since 2006, prompting the administration to use tactics Biden and most Democrats decried when Trump used them early in his term to slow the flow.

There have been several reports that border officials are leaving it up to cities to test and care for immigrants arriving infected with COVID.

The crisis has also raised awareness of the issue and Biden’s efforts to grant forms of citizenship to illegal immigrants already in the United States, a form of amnesty according to critics.

Rasmussen’s poll found that a majority — 51% — reject amnesty and believe that immigrants should only be granted permanent work permits and a path to citizenship after living in the United States for at least five years. Some 16%, however said they should never be given citizenship.

The poll also showed strong support for the federal E-Verify program that helps companies check to make sure immigrants are in the U.S. legally before getting a job.

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