By Don Wood

It’s not just the Big Tech companies, it’s the Democratic party, the people that support them and of course other countries that don’t have the freedoms Americans have.

The year 2020 has brought out the people that want to transform American and it’s Constitution into something else or erase it altogether. Wheather corrupt polititions, the media oligartes or the people around the world that think they can decide for the rest of humanity what is best.

We had an election that was compromised at the least and stolen at the worst. Many people have come forth and sworn that they have seen it or in some cases have proof. To date no court has allowed that evidence to be presented. States that were in question of inappropriate or fraudulent activity won’t let independent inspectors audit the machines or results. If everything was fair and legal why won’t they? What are they afraid of?

A lot of the major main stream media and social media have openly silenced conservative voices. Claiming they have somehow broken some policy or rule, that is suppose to apply to everyone. But only conservative post, opinions and comments have violated. There are probably literally millions and millions of posts that are just as bad if not worse made by others that still are allowed on the sites.

Most Americans have been targeted or are waking up to the fact that the media is biased and they are not our benign friends. That only want to help us and provide us with a friendly place to gather, share ideas and information. They have come out in the past year as a media that wants to control what you post what you read and listen to and what they want you to see.

Are the big media players trying to reshape the way you view the way America should be. Or are they just a propaganda wing of the Democratic-Socialist party. Or are they both?

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