The Biden administration knew the migrant surge would happen beforehand, Fox Nation host Lara Logan said on Wednesday.

Logan told “America’s Newsroom” the Biden administration had already begun opening and rebuilding facilities because “they knew the migrant surge was coming.”

Furthermore, the Fox Nation host said the debate over whether “good or bad” immigrants are crossing the border is a “political trap,” a distraction from discussing the actual “border and national security issue.”

LARA LOGAN: “So the idea that this is something that they didn’t intend to happen, that they didn’t know was going to happen, I find that hard to believe based on the evidence …

When you have people coming over in record numbers, you know what else is coming over in record numbers? Look at seizures of fentanyl this year so far. In the first four months of this year, seizures of fentanyl are over 4,000 pounds. For the whole of last year, fentanyl was just over 4,000 pounds. So, you have already matched the worst year on record for the most deadly illegal drug in the history of this country …

Why don’t we talk about the opioid crisis anymore? More than 80,000 Americans died in the last fiscal year from overdose deaths. There would have been more without Narcan, which saves people’s lives by reversing overdoses. In this country, the world has never had a street drug that kills people more quickly and more easily than fentanyl and they’re mixing it into every other drug …

When your children are taking a fake Adderall or a fake Xanax for their nerves, maybe one pill, they’re taking their life into their hands. When they’re smoking weed, they’re taking their life’s into their hands. The cartels working with their partners the Chinese who launder all their money and provide them the chemicals that make these drugs in labs in Mexico–provide [Mexican labs] Chinese pharmacists, they do all of that. They have a strategic partnership to undermine this country from within.”

After battling an epidemic of fentanyl in New England for years, Drug Enforcement Agency agent Jon DeLena told Logan communities there have a new problem: methamphetamine.

In an episode of Fox Nation’s “Lara Logan Has No Agenda,” DeLena describes the growing problem of meth in the U.S. and how China is involved.

According to the agent, Mexican cartels have partnered with the Chinese to bring the deadly drugs into the U.S.

“We know that there are organizations right now, Mexican cartels, that are manufacturing pills to look like an Adderall and mixing them with nothing but methamphetamine,” DeLena said. “We know that the people that are abusing Adderall are children. So they’re specifically targeting drugs aimed at our children.”

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