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After a Montana state senator incorrectly claimed that Rush Limbaugh never supported an Article V Convention of States, video has been flooding in with evidence to the contrary. 

In this latest segment, Rush explains why Americans should pursue the Article V option rather than trying to impeach an overreaching president.

“There is impeachment to deal with a lawless president, a lawless executive. But there is another way, and it is right in the Constitution. It’s right there in Article V of the Constitution,” he said on his radio show.

“Mark Levin has written a book about it called The Liberty Amendments, and essentially, you should read the book. The book explains the entire constitutional process and also contains some new amendments to the Constitution, the purpose of which is to simply affirm the Constitution as it was.”

Rush aired this segment in 2014, in the middle of one of the most tyrannical presidencies in modern history. Today, we face a similar challenge.

President Biden and his administration have their sights set on eroding the liberties we hold dear. They’re using the awesome power of the federal government to impose their will on states, schools, businesses, communities, and individuals. If we want to fight back, we need a solution as big as the problem.

Rush knew that solution could be found in Article V of the Constitution. Article V allows the states to get together at a convention for proposing amendments, or a Convention of States. At this convention, states can propose amendments that limit the federal government’s power and jurisdiction, impose fiscal restraints on Congress, and mandate term limits for federal officials. 

It’s the only peaceful, legal, and effective way for the states and the people to check federal power, and it’s never been more necessary than it is right now.

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