Opinion By Don Wood

The CCP through accident, incompetence or by design let loose a virus that quickly spread around the world. By shear luck or in cooperation with the Democratic party it hit just as the presidential campaign was ramping up.

Did they use the pandemic to push the mail in voting? Many swing states changed their voting rules to allow it without the states congress voting on it.

We had riots all summer long on the west coast with anarchist burning and looting cities. We had tyrannical Governor’s mostly all in Democratic run states shut down their businesses and schools against their own state’s and our countries Constitutions.

Now one year later. We have a Democratic President and Congress. The states are wanting to open up but the people that were rioting and looting are still at it. The teacher unions are telling the teachers not to go back to the schools. Businesses that had to shut down, many won’t ever open up. So those taxes will never be collected.

Where the states that saw what was happening opened back up slowly, starting back in the summer of 2020. They are in way much better shape. In fact, many people from the west coast and upper northeast have picked up and moved to states that are open.

Cities are suing teachers unions to get the teachers to go back to the classrooms. The CDC is now claiming that there is no problem with kids going back to school. Even though the country is only just starting to get the vaccine out to the states.

The violence in the Democratic states is continuing and attacks on the police have not stopped.

Other countries are telling President Biden how they will be treated under his presidency. He is issuing EO’s to the amount of 43 as of this writing. Then almost the next day he is taking some of them back. His press secretary Jen Psaki does not seem to have a clue what is going on.

President Biden’s comments about uniting the country and coming together seems to mean you need to get with my program. I don’t want to hear about your views and what you want.

So far he doesn’t seem to have much of a policy. It’s just the same old things the Democrats have been trying to do for the last four year. Stop President Trumps America First program.

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