By Don Wood

Just two weeks into his Presidency Joe Biden has cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs.

For people that believe Joe Biden, and think an oil field worker, or any worker, can just be fired from one job and transition to another, totally different career the next day. Oh say making solar panels or coding. Your a fool! Or your drinking way too much of the socialist kool-aid.

Now your talking 100k or more people that are looking for work. Why are all the people that are out of work now, not going to these high paying jobs that are readably available?

Biden makes sit sound like they could be hired on the spot making 100k. What about all the other businesses that are indirectly affected by all the layoffs from the oil and gas industry? How many of these people are going to be competing for those jobs?

Has Biden started the schools to teach these skills yet? Will he provide housing for the families that need to move to go to these schools? How will the Biden administration pay for this retraining? Of course it will be the taxpayer that will have to pay for it, as the government doesn’t have a way to make money besides taxing us people.

Two weeks and 42 executive orders later. We can see the way he is directing our country.

He had plenty to say about how President Trump was handling the Covid-19 pandemic. Many time during the debates he said he would do it better. He had a plan.

He takes office and what has he done? He is blaming Trump and now saying that it will run it’s course and there is nothing they can do. But what they are doing is following what Trump already had in place. His administration looks unprepared, incompetent and totally lacking in the skillset needed to take the reins on day one and run the country.

In the middle of the worst pandemic of our lifetimes. He has put a one hundred day mask mandate on all public transportation and Federal grounds. Then the next day breaks his own rules at the Lincoln Memorial.

To date, I am not impressed with the direction he is taking our country. He is not a business man and doesn’t know how one works. He has never created anything to help people.

I feel grave reservations for our country and for our future. He claims he wants to bring our country together and heal the divide between our people. But so far he has only driven a deeper wedge into the things that separate us.

He has spent 47 years as a public servant. In that time I can’t recall of a thing he has accomplished except to make himself richer! How he did that has a lot of people asking question. Investigations he won’t address to the people.

Time will tell what happens to our nation. As of today for more than half the country it’s not looking good.

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